Many people are searching for an easy way to make money online and the one job that seems to be the favorite choice these days is data entry. Not the old fashioned data entry but the non-traditional kind which is really just another word for "Affiliate marketing".
I see these programs all over the internet and this is actually one of the most lucrative businesses out there if you know what you are doing. That is the key. Anyone can do this type of work as it does not take any type of skills necessarily however you would need some type of training and that's where Legit Online Jobs comes in.

Legit Online Jobs is a training program for affiliate marketing which is just basically promoting online web companies for a commission-based pay. Sounds easy enough right? Well yes and no. It all depends on how you go about promoting these web companies not to mention which ones to promote.

Now Legit Online Jobs has the right idea, however I recently joined their program to see what they were all about and I must say I was very disappointed in their members/training area. Legit Online Jobs seems to gear more towards promoting web companies by way of paying for an advertising method called Google adwords. Now for anyone who has no idea of what Google adwords is, it is simply a search engine advertising company which can cost the average person an arm and a leg
if not done right. Now They do offer a few free other advertising methods but they don't go much into it to my surprise. This is where Legit Online Jobs seems to lack. Now I don't know about you but Legit Online jobs already costs $50 so the last thing I expect any one wants to do is pay another fee after joining.

Non traditional data entry programs like this can be very lucrative if done right but you have to find a good training program and Legit Online Jobs in my opinion is not one of them. They just don't supply you with enough data for free techniques and I noticed that the majority of similar programs are the same way. I'm starting to wonder if they are all the same owner with different aliases because most of the programs I have come across are earily similar.

Through my research, I have come across a few that were pretty good and a couple that were better then good and one of those programs
is owned by a girl named Ruth with a company called Typist Jobs. With Typist Jobs you can do this type of program without having to invest large sums of money. As a matter of fact you don't have to invest a single penny (aside from the joining fee of $49).
Now this program differs because the techniques they provide come with in depth training and their support staff is very helpful as well. With a program like this does involve work on your part but it is possible to make $200 a day and up.

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