To those who are still mystified by the Work-from-Home concept. I too once was very skeptical of its benefits and legitimacy. An encounter with a single legitimate company changed my view! It is such a 'conversion' that has given birth to this article and the forthcoming ones to share with you my knowledge in this field. I hope I will be successful in my task.

Nowadays, in these difficult financial times, making any extra money is welcome. This is where working from home comes in.

There are lots of home business ideas based on making products or indeed just selling them (who has not heard of the 'Avon Ladies'?). However, many people do not feel comfortable enough to do such activities no matter how money-making they may be. I happen to be one of them!

Still, so long as you have a computer and know how to type on a keyboard, you can make money online.

One of the best and simplest ways of making money is data entry. At first sight, it may seem complicated but it is not in fact!

All what it means is that, first, you join affiliates programs such as PayDotCom or ClickBank then choose the companies that you would like to 'sponsor'.

After that you are faced with many free of charge ways of promoting their products in return for a commission...from your chair in front of a computer at home; which is very handy for people who are house-bound for many reasons (health, family...etc).

There are 5 main ways (at least) to promote a company's product or service:

1. By submitting to search engines (such as Google and Yahoo)

2. By submitting to directories (such as Dmoz)

3. By submitting to classified (such as Craigslist)

4. By submitting to opt-in E-mailers.

5. By submitting articles (Blogging)

Indeed, many people are earning a decent living by...just typing...just hitting their keyboards!

I was fortunate, after being ripped off so many times, to find a genuinely legitimate company which proved to me that sincere people are not extinct in cyberspace. Yes, they are a rare breed but they do exist! The trick is to find them and then thank Goodness for doing so!

The company in question gave me detailed instructions and training on how to use all of the above tools. To my surprise, many of the methods I am implementing are in fact done using automated posting software that has saved me hours from the old conventional methods that were used in the past!

It seems to me that working from home, the 'internet way', is becoming a 21st century unstoppable phenomenon because the 9 to 5 jobs (including government jobs) are not that secure anymore. It is much better to rely on yourself to earn your own living. In this context internet-based jobs from home are our liberators!

With one condition...please make sure that the work-at-home websites that you contact are legitimate and honest!

About the Author :

I am a successful work-at-home business specialist. I use my computer to earn an income from home.

I believe that the 9 to 5 jobs are not for me. I guess billions of people, like you, share my belief.

For this reason, I want to share the techniques that I use with as many people as possible. I believe in giving back to society!

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